Wellness at Work

Would you like to organise a Nutritional Wellness at Work Workshop for you and your team?

  • Increasing Vitality at work with Vitamins

  • Increasing Focus at work with Essential Fatty Acids

  • Managing Stress levels at work with Smoothies

  • How to Rest and Digest at work

  • How to Restore and Relax after work

Please contact me at info@edible-medicine.co.uk to book a Wellness Workshop

Wellness for Women

Would you like to bring together a group of women for a Nutrition and Wellness Workshop?


  • Medicinal Meals for Menopause

  • Vitality with Vitamins

  • Managing Mood through Medicinal Food

  • Smoothies for Skincare and Stress


Please contact me at info@edible-medicine.co.uk to book a Wellness Workshop