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Cost of Nutritional Therapy Packages

Fundamentals&ME Package £360 - This is a starter package of 3 sessions to restore health with a Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan with email support and one - to - one guidance to start your return to wellness journey and take control of your health. If you are struggling with a condition that may be digestive, hormonal or metabolic, this is your opporunity to get to the root of your health concerns and return to balance and vitality. 

NeuroDiversity&ME Package £360. This is for complete nutritional, lifestyle and family support for Autism Spectrum/ ASD / ADHD / ADD. We will work together with personal support including family sessions where needed. This package includes an extended Initial Consultation, plus interpretation of test results, persnalised supplement plans, GAPS protocol guidance and 3 additional ASD support sessions with advice for daily living. 

Autoimmunity&ME Package £360 - This is for anyone with pre-exisiting Autoimmune Conditions. This choice of package includes an extended  Initial Consultation, interpreation of current and ongoing test results/ medicatiion / scan results etc in coordination with your healthcare team, plus 3 follow ups with e-mail support and one - to - one guidance included.

We will work together to adjust and adapt your nutritional and lifetstyle plan aswell as your supplement protocol on an ongoing basis. Living with an autoimmune condition myself, I know exacty how you feel and am here to support you.

CompleteMe Immersive Package £520 - This is a fully immersive journey over 12 - 16 weeks with 6 one to one sessions and, tailored support and guidance including email and phone support. This is recommended for anyone with complex health concerns wishing to deep dive into the root cause and feel fully supported throughout your wellness journey. This is all ideal for those who wish to feel fully supported and motivated through a complete health and wellness transformative journey. 


Please note that Functional Testing if required is charged separately.

Bespoke bundles for cancer support contact me directly as these are tailored to the individual.


Cancellation fees :

Should there be a need to cancel, please contact me directly by telephone : 07957 478 235 or by email to


Appointments cancelled up to 3 days before will be changed at 50% of treatment cost.


Appointments cancelled on the day of session will be changed at full cost. 

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