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What to Expect

You will be asked to complete a very simple Food and Drink Diary form to fill in over three / five days and then return it to me if possible prior to your 90 minute Initial Consultation.


It will be helpful if you could have details of the following to hand so that they can be added to your consultation form when we meet:


* Full name and address

* Date of birth

* Your GP's name and address

* Details of any medication you are currently taking

* Details of any health supplements you may be taking

* Details of any conditions you are currently being treated for

* Your height and weight


During the course of our 90 minute consultation, I will go through a thorough health history and medical questionnaire with you which will cover each system of the body, and different stages of your life up to present day. 


At the beginning of the consultation, I will complete a MYMOP questionnaire with you ( Measure My Own Progress ) in which we will choose up to three of your current priority health concerns for us to focus on, and grade your symptoms in terms of how severely they currently impact your daily wellness. We can then refer to these together in 6 weeks time when we have a follow up session. 


After your consultation, I will then go through a complete nutrient and health analysis, and will send you a personalised Nutritional Assessment which may include supplement recommendations, food suggestions, meal planners and in some cases this may include referral for further functional testing. 

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